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An academy is, according to one definition, a "meeting of persons, writers, scientists or artists" sharing something.
The International Karate-do Academy brings together practitioners of karate-do who aspire to a common and an authentic vision of this martial art.In order to preserve and promote karate-do in the tradition that was handed down to us by Gichin Funakoshi Sensei, then by his son Yoshitaka, and, more recently and closer to us by Taiji Kase Sensei, the International Karate-do Academy has been founded around a karate-do practitioner of high esteem:
Jean-Pierre Lavorato Sensei, 9th Dan.

Alongside Kase Sensei since he came to France in 1967, Lavorato Sensei has gained honours in many national and international competitions (European champion, French kumite and kata champion).
However, he quickly understood that karate-do was not just a matter of scoring points or simply knowing how to punch or kick. 40 years alongside Kase Sensei have taught him that karate-do is far from a superficial art

With teachers and followers of karate-do increasingly accepting the idea of competition and the "sporting spirit", the martial aspect of karate-do tends to be forgotten or overshadowed.
The members of the International Karate-do Academy are followers who cannot or do not want to train for competitions and who a closer adhesion to the "martial" aspect, in keeping with the true values of this martial art.
For this, patience and perseverance are the key elements of karate-do. Without patience and perseverance, real progress cannot be achieved: what is learnt in one day must be repeated all life long.
Only training can lead to this success. In other words, we must not give up in spite of the obstacles that face us in our daily lives: everyday worries, job stress, lack of motivation, etc.
All these pretexts have to be overcome, while at the same time maintaining respect, modesty and virtue. Training is an endless process which must conquer as far as possible any external constraints.

It is with this goal that the International Karate-do Academy organises courses throughout the year and intensive training sessions for all students, as well as a continuous training programme for advanced students and teachers.

If you wish to join the International Karate-do Academy, please fill in the subscription form and send it to the address indicated or, even better, bring it to the next training session of the International Karate-do Academy.