By Jean Pierre Lavorato

10 DVD Karate Shotokan (created by with great sensei Jean-Pierre Lavorato - 9th Dan Karate Do FFKDA - He spent more than 40 years following his mentor, his O Sensei Taiji Kase. Find the Bunkai Karate Shotokan of all Kata style most practiced in France. You will also find the work of Kihon linear or Kihon multi-directional - All conventional Kumite with Kihon Ippon Kumite, Ippon Kumite, Sanbon Kumite, Gohon Kumite - and of course the work on kata shotokan ... Considered by the greatest number as the largest French SENSEI of Karate Shotokan.


Jean-Pierre Lavorato - "My Karate-Do Life"- The documentary film

A biographical documentary on the great French sensei of Karate Shotokan: Jean-Pierre LAVORATO, 9th dan, federal expert FFKDA, former champion of France and Europe and very close disciple of sensei Taiji Kase. He dedicated his life to karate, here is his story.


DVD Karate Shotokan with Jean-Pierre Lavorato Vol.1

The Karate Shotokan DVD Best seller with sensei Jean-Pierre LAVORATO, 9th dan FFKDA. Evolution of positions, displacements, main closed and open techniques, leg techniques and their multiple applications in multi directional with partner. In this DVD you will find a work on positions, movements, open and closed hands, the multi-directional kihon, O, ko and shu waza, keri waza ... An indispensable DVD for the teaching of sensei Lavorato.


DVD Karate Shotokan with Jean-Pierre Lavorato Vol.2

The bunkai of the program of the black belt 1st dan, from heian shodan to tekki shodan with sensei Lavorato Jean-Pierre
Through this DVD Karate Shotokan you will find on video the bunkai kata Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yodan, Heian Godan and Tekki Shodan. Program of Bunkai of the 1st Dan (Shodan) of Karate Shotokan
Sensei Jean-Pierre Lavorato offers its form of research through linear bunkai, circular, with pivots on 30 ° and 45 °, Go (reverse), ura (upside down) and off.


DVD Karate Shotokan - Bunkai Oyo with Sensei Jean-Pierre Lavorato

Through this DVD, sensei Lavorato Jean-Pierre offers you a work on the Bunkai of Heian Nidan and Sochin in OYO version. High level work to absolutely discover !!!
Oyo meaning Free movement, against but mostly a working hypothesis against several opponents.


DVD Karate Shotokan with Jean-Pierre Lavorato Vol.3 Kumite

Shotokan Karate Kumite: Goon Kumite, Sanbon KumiteK Kihon Ippon Kumite, Ippon Kumite and Jyu Ippon Kumite with Sensei Lavorato
In this third video DVD of the VISION OF KARATE series, you will find Shotokan Karum Kumite: Gohon Kumite, Sanbon Kumite, Kihon Ippon Kumite, Ippon Kumite and Jyu Ippon Kumite.


DVD Karate Shotokan with Jean-Pierre Lavorato Vol.4 Bunkai 2

In the DVD Karate Shotokan 4 of the series VISION OF KARATE with sensei Lavorato Jean-Pierre Lavorato, he offers his form of research through the bunkai of: Bassai Dai, Bassai Sho, Kanku Dai, Kanku Sho, Jion, Ji'in and Jite.


DVD Karate Shotokan with Jean-Pierre Lavorato Vol.5

Karate Shotokan Bunkai from Empi, Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan, Niju Shiho, Wankan, Chinte and Goju Shio Dai with sensei Lavorato Jean-Pierre.


DVD Karate Shotokan with Jean-Pierre Lavorato Vol.6

Bunkai karate shotokan from hangetsu, gankaku, sochin, unsu, meikyo and gojushiho sho with sensei Lavorato Jean-Pierre - Bunkai in OYO version, go, 'axis, 45 °, aspiration, linear or mawari ashi, etc.


DVD Karate Shotokan with Jean-Pierre Lavorato Vol.7

SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE OF A GREAT SENSEI OF KARATE DO SHOTOKAN through 2 great stages filmed in 2008 in ARLES AND BEAUCAIRE. To see and see again.


DVD Karate Shotokan - Evolution - JP Lavorato

The idea of this DVD is to offer you working tracks, to evolve in your Karate-Do practice.
A precious help from the sensei Jean-Pierre Lavorato to help you prepare for your passage of rank: Work on the Kihon simple, on target (partner) and of course on multi directional, kumite conventional and kata / bunkai JP Lavorato