An academy is, by definition, a "meeting of people, literary people, scholars or artists" with something in common. The International Karate-do Academy brings together karate-do practitioners who aspire to a common and authentic vision of this martial art.

In order to preserve and promote karate-do as it was transmitted to us by Sensei Gichin Funakoshi, then by his son Yoshitaka, finally and closer to us by Sensei Taiji Kase, the International Karate-do Academy was created around a practitioner of great value: Sensei Jean-Pierre Lavorato 9th dan.

Alongside Sensei Kase since his arrival in France in 1967, Jean-Pierre Lavorato has been successful in numerous national and international competitions (European champion, French champion Kumite and Kata). But he quickly realised that karate-do was not just about scoring points or simply about punching or kicking.
40 years with Sensei Kase taught him that karate-do was far from being a superficial practice.

Since the promotion of competition and "sportsmanship" has developed among teachers and practitioners, the martial side of karate-do tends to be forgotten or obscured.

The members of the International Karate-do Academy are practitioners who can not or do not want to follow the training of the competition and who rather aspire to a martial practice "in depth", a reasoned practice of karate-do retaining the true values ​​of martial art. For this, patience and perseverance are the keys to karate-do. Without patience, perseverance, there can be no real progression: what is learned in one day must be repeated a lifetime.

Only training can be the factor of this success. In other words, we must not stop despite the obstacles that occur throughout a life of practitioner worries of everyday life, work, laziness, etc ... All these excuses must be overcome, while maintaining respect modesty and virtue. Training is an endless process that has to overcome external constraints as much as possible.

It is for this purpose that the International Karate-do Academy organises internships and regular intensive training sessions for all students throughout the year, as well as a continuous training program for advanced students. and the teachers.

If you would like to join the International Karate-do Academy, please fill out the membership form and send it back to the address listed above, or better yet, come to the next International Karate-do Academy course.