Sensei Taiji Kase

"The important thing is to progress, each at his own pace, in relation to oneself and not in relation to others. We know that nothing is definitively acquired and that we must never lose either humility or patience."

Sansei Jean Pierre Lavorato

”The best way to bring something is to be in contact with the practitioners, as close as possible to them, to make progress, to help them ... ”

Sensei Jean Pierre Lavorato

I would never get to know all that Sensei Kase left us with. He said: "I would need 3 lives and maybe I would not be able to go around".
If he needed 3 lives, I'd need 20 ... at least ...

Sensei Funakoshi Gichin

After a fight lost without a fight, only because of the look, the winner answered "you were determined to win and I to die if I had ever lost. It was the only difference between us »